Stress signature of herbicide exposure in bean plants

The image sequence below shows the fluorescence response of bean plant leaves exposed to stress in the form of an application of pesticide. The plant is exposed to light and the fluorescence recorded over a period of seconds. Blue indicates a low level of stress. Red indicates a high level of stress. 

Each plant responds differently to the class of plant stress conditions caused by pathogens, nutrient deficiency, water, and environmental stress. GrowScanner with pixel processing, quantifies the stress affecting a plant and uses a database of stress signatures to compare and identify the plant's response patterns to plant stress conditions.

Start:    1.0 sec               2.0 sec                3.0 sec                  4.0 sec

                  6.0 sec                   8.0 sec                9.0 sec        End  


Comparative Values of Plant Stress at Selected Locations