The Ultimate Guide to Quoting in APA Style

Welcome to our ultimate guide on quoting in APA style! If you’re a student, researcher, or writer who needs to adhere to the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association (APA), you’ve come to the right place. Properly citing sources is essential in academic and professional writing, and understanding how to quote in APA style is a crucial skill to have. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about quoting in APA style.

Understanding APA Style

Before we dive into the specifics of quoting in APA style, let’s first understand what APA style is. APA style is a citation format created by the American Psychological Association that is commonly used in social sciences, education, and other fields. APA style has specific guidelines for formatting papers, citing sources, and creating references. When quoting in APA style, it’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure accuracy and consistency in your writing.

Direct Quotations

When including a direct quotation in your writing, you must follow certain rules to properly cite the source. Here are some key points to remember when using direct quotations in APA style:

  • Enclose the quoted text in double quotation marks.
  • Include the author’s last name, year of publication, and page number in parentheses after the quotation.
  • Use “p.” for a single page number and “pp.” for multiple page numbers.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing

In addition to direct quotations, APA style also allows for paraphrasing and summarizing information from a source. When paraphrasing or summarizing, it’s important to still give credit to the original author. Here are some tips for paraphrasing and summarizing in APA style:

  • Rewrite the information in your own words.
  • Cite the original source within the text and include the author’s last name and year of publication.
  • Include a full citation in the reference list at the end of your paper.

Block Quotations

When quoting a longer passage of text (40 words or more), you should format it as a block quotation in APA style. Here’s how to properly format a block quotation:

Start the quotation on a new line, indented 0.5 inches from the left margin.

Do not use quotation marks for block quotations.

Include the author’s last name, year of publication, and page number in parentheses after the quotation.


Quoting in APA style may seem daunting at first, but with practice and attention to detail, you can master the art of citing sources in your writing. Remember to always follow the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association and to double-check your citations for accuracy. By quoting in APA style, you show respect for the original author’s work and uphold the standards of academic integrity.

We hope this ultimate guide to quoting in APA style has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or additional tips to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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